Senior Rebecca Waterson holds her two new All-America awards, one for her time in the 100-yard butterfly and one for the 100 backstroke. (Photo courtesy of Waterson)

Senior swimmer earns two more All-America awards

Senior Rebecca Waterson placed in the top 100 nationally in two events in 2018-19 to earn All-America awards, the National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association announced on July 9.

Waterson finished 41st in the 100-yard butterfly, with a time of 54.25 seconds, and 99th in the 100 backstroke, with a time of 55.47 seconds.

Each year, Waterson strives for All-American.

“It’s validation of the work I put into swimming,” she said. “It’s easy to focus against the local swimmers that I race against all the time, but the list shows where I stand in comparison to other high school swimmers in the country.”

In 2017-18, Waterson achieved All-America status in the 100 fly, 200 freestyle relay and 200 medley relay.

Country Day coach Brian Nabeta said “the award shows the effort and dedication that the swimmers put in. This accomplishment shows that the many hours spent training in and out of the water paid off.

“The top 100 is tough enough to make itself, but to be able to do it in two events is terrific.”

Nabeta said Waterson’s versatility has helped her develop.

“Her focus on more than just sprinting has helped her greatly expand the way that she swims,” he said, “ so, when it comes down to her specific stroke, she is ready to race.”

—By Miles Morrow

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