Senior Leonardo Eisner returns a shot during his 6-0, 6-0 victory against Golden Sierra. (Photo by Arikta Trivedi)

Tennis team sweeps Golden Sierra in season opener

The tennis team started its season on March 12 by winning all three matches against Golden Sierra at Rio Del Oro.

Dual matches are the best-of-nine matches, but in past years, Country Day usually has not had enough players.

Golden Sierra had only four players, so sophomore Ming Zhu and freshmen Sanjana Anand, Vanessa Escobar and Sicily Schroeder couldn’t play.

Seniors Michaela Chen and Leonardo Eisner won their singles matches, while sophomore Keshav Anand and freshman Tina Huang won in mixed doubles.

According to Anand, although he and Huang had practiced together only 10 minutes the day of the match, they played well enough to win 10-1.

“Our teamwork was great, and she was hitting well,” Anand said. “I was consistent with my shots and attacked short balls.”

Chen, who won 6-2, 6-4, said chasing down balls helped her win.

“I didn’t give up on any ball,” she said.

However, Chen said her opponent had a strong serve.

“They were fast balls, so they were hard to hit back,” she said.

Eisner, who won 6-0, 6-0, said his opponent was missing his serves.

“My opponent didn’t seem to retain the skill I know he has from playing against him last year,” he said.

However, Eisner said he needed to refresh his skills as well, which will happen by playing more matches.

“I need to start playing smart,” he said. “It’s the technique of where and how fast I place the ball that I seem to have forgotten.”

Eisner said strong winds complicated this match.

“The wind was parallel to the court, which is worse than if it’s perpendicular,” he said. “On one side your balls are hit too long, and on the other, many go into the net.”

The wind also affected Anand, who struggled with his serve and lost concentration.

“I was getting tense and not thinking in the present,” he said. “I would like to cut down on my double faults (missing a serve twice).”

The team’s next match is scheduled for Friday, March 15, at Rio Del Oro against Linden at 4 p.m.

By Sarina Rye

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