Sophomore Lindsay Burback leads a fast break during the Cavs' final game of the season on Feb. 6. (Photo by Jacqueline Chao)

Girls basketball ends season with loss to El Dorado Adventist

Date: Feb. 6

Opponent: El Dorado Adventist

Location: Home

Result: Country Day lost 53-41 to fall to 3-14 overall and 2-12 in league.

Country Day scoring: Senior Heidi Johnson 31, sophomore Lindsay Burback 4, sophomore Anna Fluetsch 4, sophomore Naomi Cohen 2.

Comment by coach Latonia Pitts: “Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the victory for the seniors tonight. We had a great first quarter, but we continued to make the same rebound mistakes. We were in foul trouble this game, and the refs weren’t calling all of them. However, the refs don’t control the ball going in the hoop or the defense being played, which could have been better tonight. The girls played their best this season, and I’m glad that everyone improved in some way.”

Inside info from point guard Johnson: “It was disappointing to end the season with a loss, especially one that should’ve been a win. We started in the lead, let them catch up to us and eventually let them pass us towards the end.

“Everyone put in heart in all games, and I’m just happy we had a committed team who was willing to improve.”

Inside info from small forward Burback: “We played well tonight despite our loss. We were swinging the ball a few times, and our defense wasn’t bad! If we had made fewer poor passes, we could’ve won the game.

“Even though we did not win many games this season, I’m really glad I made amazing memories with this team!”

Inside info from sophomore center Cohen: “Our game came down to how we handled the ball. We were only down by two points in the last half of the fourth quarter! Keeping a grip on the ball could have prevented us from taking the loss.”

Inside info from freshman small forward Daisy Zhou: “Because this was our last game of the season, the anxiety affected our performance. We made more mistakes than usual, but controlling our emotions will only come with practice. I will miss the energy and enthusiasm which the team has every day.”

Inside info from shooting guard Brandy Riziki: “I don’t have much to say other than to thank my team for always being there for me. We all worked hard from start to finish, communicated and did our best to improve. I hope that our future basketball team keeps believing in themselves and being more confident on the court.”

Inside info from center Fluetsch: “Looking back on the season, it was obvious that our team improved drastically. In the beginning of the season, we had trouble with ball movement, but now our mistakes are focused more on ball techniques. We may have lost the game, but I’m proud to be playing with an amazing team.”

By Sanjana Anand

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