With only five players, girls basketball defeated by Sacramento Adventist

Date: Jan. 26

Opponent: Sacramento Adventist

Location: Sacramento Adventist

Result: Country Day lost 66-29 to fall to 2-10 overall and 1-8 in league.

The Cavs also lost 61-18 to visiting Sacramento Adventist on Jan. 5.

Country Day scoring: Senior Heidi Johnson 25, sophomore Lindsay Burback 3, sophomore Naomi Cohen 1.

Inside info from center Cohen: “We did better than last game by 11 points, which is a huge improvement! However, we need to work on holding onto the ball and boxing out the other players when we are under the basket. Our movement around the court is getting better.”

Inside info from point guard Johnson: “We got most points off of free throws because the other team fouled us a lot. It was a tough game, but we did better than last time we played them.

We had only five players, which is hard because there are no subs, and we get tired by the end of the game.

“We were sloppy with the ball and had many turnovers, which is why we lost, but we pushed through as hard as we could.”

Inside info from small forward Burback: “Honestly, I thought that we could have gotten the victory because the other team played OK tonight. We were swinging the ball a bit better and moving quicker even with the shortage of players.

“Our rebounding could still use a lot of work, and that’s how the opposing team got a lot of points.

“The game tonight was not our greatest because we only had five players, which was the same situation when we played them last time.”

Comment by coach Latonia Pitts: “We had a good first half but then got tired during the third quarter. Our defense became bad, and our plays were predictable.

“Sacramento Adventist is a strong team, but if we played the whole game with full energy, we could have won. Towards the end of the game, the girls started to get their energy back and earned 14 points in the last quarter, but it was too late to change the score.”

Next game: Tuesday, Jan. 29, 6 p.m., at home against Western Sierra.

By Sanjana Anand

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