Boys basketball can improve defense, ballhandling after loss to Sacramento Adventist

Date: Jan. 26

Opponent: Sacramento Adventist

Location: Sacramento Adventist

Result: Country Day lost 85-35 to fall to 4-12 overall and 1-9 in league. Sacramento Adventist improved to 18-5 and 9-0.

Country Day scoring: Junior Ted Zhou 18, junior Jackson Crawford 10, junior Chris Wilson 7.

Inside info from sophomore shooting guard Max Wu: “None of their points were actually set up where they made a play. It was all just us losing the ball and them just turning around and running up for a layup. They overpowered us because they were stronger and faster.

“We need to make our easy layups and open shots. We had a bunch of (opportunities) we missed. At the end of the game, we calculated that if we made all those shots, it would’ve been easily 70-85, so we could have competed.”

Inside info from sophomore power forward Martin Cao: “They pressured us really hard, and we just couldn’t keep up. They earned around 30 points just by pressing us. We couldn’t handle the ball as a team. It’s not anyone’s fault. We will try to make fewer turnovers and strengthen our defense in the future.”

Comment by coach David Ancrum: “We were kind of nervous in the beginning. Later on, we started playing basketball. The team needs to learn how to handle pressure better.

“All (the opposing players) were back from last year. A couple of years ago, (Sacramento Adventist) went to the Division VI (playoffs), and they even won once. They have their core team back, and that makes a big difference. Plus, they play during the summer all the time, which makes a big difference.”

Next game: Tuesday, Jan. 29, 7:30 p.m., at home against Western Sierra.

By Ming Zhu

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