Boys basketball team falls to taller Buckingham Charter

Date: Jan. 8

Opponent: Buckingham Charter

Location: Vaca Pena Middle School in Vacaville

Result: Country Day lost 53-37 to fall to 3-6 overall and 0-3 in league.

Country Day scoring: Junior Ted Zhou 13, junior Jackson Crawford 10, junior Chris Wilson 6, junior Aaron Graves 4, sophomore Max Wu 4.

Inside info from sophomore small forward Avinash Krishna: “We could improve on our shooting because we were able to break the press really well. (However), once we got past the press, we couldn’t convert.

“We played better (than in the last game), losing by a smaller margin. The team played better and harder and really well in the first half. It was all (due to) good ball movement and spacing that led to good baskets. And we got way more rebounds.

“(Coach David Ancrum) switched up the starting lineup (by) replacing (Wilson) and (sophomore Martin Cao) with me and (Wu).

“(Zhou) stood out in the game. He hurt his finger and got kneed a few times but still played hard for the ball. He told us to ramp up the enthusiasm even when we were down.”

Inside info from center Graves: “(The team) did a great job of breaking (Buckingham’s) full-court press.

“(Buckingham) definitely had a size and height advantage over us. So, for the most part, they relied on their size to score.

“We need to play with more intensity一 it seemed like only a handful of us actually wanted to win the game.”

Inside info from shooting guard Wu: “(Buckingham) was bigger than us, (but) they didn’t have any significant three-pointers. Most of their points were from turnovers. We would lose the ball, and they would take it up for a layup.”

Next game: Thursday, Jan. 10, 7:30 p.m., at Western Sierra.

By Arijit Trivedi

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