(Graphic by Emma Boersma)

Girls basketball team improves, players and coach say, but falls to 0-2

Date: Dec. 13

Opponent: Delta

Location: Away

Result: Country Day lost 36-30 to fall to 0-2.

Country Day scoring: Senior Heidi Johnson 16, sophomore Lindsay Burback 6, senior Brandy Riziki 4, sophomore Naomi Cohen 2, freshman Daisy Zhou 2.

Inside info from point guard Johnson: “We improved from last game, but we still have a lot of work to do. We need to work on boxing out and rebounding. We also need to improve on passing the ball around on offense to look for an open shot. We really need to work on catching the ball and always being ready to receive the ball.

“It wasn’t all bad. We started intercepting some passes and had some good assists for layups. Most importantly, we gave it our all, which, with only six players, can be tough.”

Inside info from small forward Burback: “Tonight’s game was so much better than Monday night’s game. We were able to communicate and pass better.

“We were also open most of the time, though we still need to work on spacing and not giving up the ball so quickly. I thought that our shots were off by a bit because there were a few times we missed some easy layups and some open shots. Though, tonight’s game was a huge improvement compared to our previous game.”

Inside info from shooting guard Riziki: “I think we did a really good job! Our teamwork was very good with good communication. We gave all we had to protect the ball, which really helped us. Our defense improved from the last game too!”

Comment by coach Latonia Pitts: “We only played with six players today, and at one point we were down by double digits. We came back and lost by six. I saw some good moments and some unfortunate mistakes, so we will be working more on the team’s technique.

“There was some improvement from Monday, and I was so proud to see that the girls gave 110 percent the whole game. We were so close to our first victory, but I’m hoping that this loss has helped us get even closer.”

Next game: Friday, Dec. 14, 6 p.m., at home against Encina.

—By Sanjana Anand

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