Junior Ted Zhou (30) wrestles an opposing player for the ball during the Dec. 10 game against Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning. (Photo by Emma Boersma)

Boys basketball routs Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning for second win of season

Date: Dec. 10

Opponent: Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning

Location: Home

Result: Country Day won 60-30 to improve to 2-3.

Country Day scoring: Junior Ted Zhou 26, junior Jackson Crawford 17, sophomore Max Wu 6, junior Aaron Graves 5, sophomore Avinash Krishna 2, sophomore Martin Cao 2, junior Chris Wilson 2.

Inside info per Krishna: “Overall, I’d argue that this was our best game. The other team wasn’t amazing, but we were able to properly exploit that. (Wu) in particular was able to get some good defensive plays and fast-break points.

“(Our opponents) were the second-worst team that we have played, although they had a few (key) players who were able to move the ball.

“We won because we made our layups. Sure, we took around six 3-pointers, but most of our shots were 2-pointers.

“We could definitely improve on communication, which is something you can always work on. And when we get rebounds, we need to hold on and not (give our opponents) a second chance.”

Post-game reflection per Crawford: “Everyone was hustling a lot more than (in) our previous games, and we weren’t playing scared. We made a lot of easy baskets compared to our other games, where we had to rely on 3-pointers.

“Everyone did a really good job offensively and defensively. Max especially did a great job both defensively and in making his layups. He was cutting and slashing and had a great game.

“We can still improve on playing tougher. Many times we got the rebound but then the other team would get their hands on the ball. We need to be stronger with the ball.

“(We also need to continue) improving our defenses for when we play better teams. Once we get into our league games, we will be playing a couple of really good teams.”

Comment by coach David Ancrum: “The biggest difference (between this game and our others this season) was that we rebounded, and we have been really struggling with that. But tonight it all seemed to come together.

“The opponents were very physical, which helped us because we had to be  tough. That beat us around a bit in the first half, but then we adjusted in the second half.

“(We could still improve) on our turnovers.”

Next game: Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. against Cornerstone Christian at Destiny Christian Church.

By Anna Frankel

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