Sophomore Naomi Cohen finishes a hard hit at the net. Cohen was one of three juniors on the JV team. (Photo by Jacqueline Chao)

JV volleyball season filled with new positions, all-time firsts for players

The JV volleyball team finished this season with a win at home, bringing its record to 7-2.

This year’s team consisted of 11 players: four freshmen, four sophomores and three juniors. This season was the first year that juniors played on the JV team.

“It’s not that different (playing on the JV team),” junior Yumi Moon said.

“When we’re playing, we don’t think about what grade each person is in.”

According to coach Sarah Song, the team’s success was due to its dedication in practices and its improvement in the fundamentals of the game.

“I’m really proud of the team’s level of commitment and cooperation,” Song said.

“Practices were equally (as) enjoyable as our matches.”

Song also said that the team enjoyed playing together.

Moon noticed that too.

“Every player on the team was super helpful, and we all tried our best to encourage each other,” Moon said.

“Everyone was super nice.”

Freshman Sicily Schroeder agreed, adding that the team’s communication improved the most during the season.

“We were a very quiet team (at first),” Schroeder said.

Song agreed.

“As our players began gaining confidence and appropriately making a call for the ball, we played much better volleyball,” Song said.

She also added that the season was filled with numerous moments of celebration.

Several players hit their first overhand serve in a match, and others hit their first overhead shot in a game. In the final game of the season on Oct. 17 against Encina Preparatory High School, freshman Vanessa Escobar made 16 consecutive serves, according to Song.

There were also several points in the season when players got to play new positions.

Schroeder said she got to play setter, a position she didn’t usually play.

“I loved the new experience, and (I) am glad I got to try it,” she said.

Like Schroeder, freshman Lilah Shorey was inspired by the camaraderie of the team.

“I love volleyball, and I had a great time, especially since I was surrounded by great people,” Shorey said.

“I think we grew so much over the season, and we had fun while doing it.”

By Ethan Monasa

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