Junior Naomi Cohen goes up for a block in a Sept. 7 preseason game. (Photo by Jacqueline Chao)

JV volleyball takes home final game of season

With multiple aces and rallies, the the JV volleyball team won against Encina Preparatory High School on Oct. 17.

The players were confident going into the game, according to freshman Vanessa Escobar.

“I’m pretty sure we’ll win; we’ve played them before, and they’re a mediocre team,” she said.

The Cavs breezed through the first set, and as the score came up to 24-3, the teams entered a rally, keeping the crowd on their feet.

The rally finally came to an end after Encina was unable to return the ball, and the Cavs won the set with a landslide score of 25-3.

“The first game was kind of boring because all that happened was we served and they missed, but Vanessa did great,” freshman Sicily Schroeder said.

Escobar served around 15 times in just the first set, scoring about 10 aces.

After the Cavs’ victory in the first set, they were pumped up and ready to win the game, according to Escobar. As the team huddled together, they cheered each other on.

“We don’t just want to win; we want to soar!” junior Anna Frankel shouted.

During the second set, there were many more rallies, which the team enjoyed, according to sophomore Allie Bogetich.

“The second game was a lot more fun because we started getting more rallies, and the general vibe of the team went up,” Bogetich said.

The first point was a long rally, with Encina winning the point.

The next few points alternated between the Cavs and Encina.

The Cavs then started to pull ahead with the score becoming 10-3.

As the game continued, the Cavs’ teammates started shouting encouragements from the bench

“Let’s go, Cavs – you got it!”  sophomore Naomi Cohen yelled.

The players were also communicating with each other much better than in previous games, according to coach Sarah Song.

“The girls were all playing really well together,” Song said. “(They were) talking, moving and having fun.”

The second set ended 25-17.

Escobar and Cohen received the players-of-the-match awards due to their outstanding performance; Escobar continued a great serving run, and Cohen returned many balls and her serves were also on point, according to Song.

The night ended in victory, but it was also the team’s last game, making the win bittersweet.

“I wish we could have had more games, but I’m happy for our victory,” freshman Lilah Shorey said.

By Arikta Trivedi

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