(Graphic by Emma Boersma)

Coed soccer team loses against ‘really challenging team’

Date: Oct. 15

Opposing team: Cristo Rey High School

Location: Cristo Rey

Score: 1-6

Inside info from senior Nate Jakobs, (who scored the Cavs’ only goal): “We played really well, especially in the first half. We were missing some of our key players, (but) everyone stepped up and played a great game against a really challenging team.

“(Cristo Rey) has a lot of very talented players, and they pass really well, have great field awareness and spread the field well. It’s easy to tell that their players have been playing soccer their whole lives.

“There’s no shame in losing to a team as talented as Cristo Rey, and except for the few holes they found in our defense, we gave them a run for their money.”  

Inside info from senior Abby LaComb: “We did really well in the first half. Our defense was really good in general. People stayed on their marks, stepped to the ball and stopped shots.

“But in the second half, we got tired, and unfortunately, that allowed them to score. Also, our marking got kind of sloppy, so when they crossed the ball, their players weren’t always marked in the box, allowing them to score.

“Overall, everyone was super aggressive, and it was a good team effort!”

Inside info from junior Aaron Graves: “We played really well this game. The communication was decent but could be a lot better. The passing was good, and I feel like this is the hardest we have played in a soccer game so far.

“The most challenging part of the game coincides with what we really need to improve on as a team; it’s the conditioning aspect of soccer. The other team was faster and more efficient with the ball in terms of passing and shooting. On top of this, the other team had at least twice as many players as we did, and this allowed them to sub off players that were tired.”

Next game: Wednesday, Oct. 17, against Western Sierra at 4 p.m. at home.

—By Sanjana Anand

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