Senior Bella Mathisen goes up for a hit in the third set. (Photo by Emma Boersma)

Cavs fall to Valley Christian despite three close set scores

Date: Oct. 11

Opponent: Valley Christian

Location: Valley Christian

Final Score: 0-3

First set: 22-25

Second set: 21-25

Third set: 22-25

Record: 7-3

Inside info from senior Heidi Johnson: “This game didn’t go great. We lost the game in three sets, even though we beat them last time.

“They were close games and Valley Christian was playing well, but ultimately we lost the game because of ourselves. We had unforced errors from missed serves, bad passes or just not smart plays really hurt us.

“We had good moments, but they weren’t enough for us to pull through.

“I knew it’d be a tougher game because their team is decent and we were missing one of our starters (senior Lia Kaufman,) but I thought we could have pulled it off if we played well.”

Inside info from junior Jewel Turner: “We were off our game a little bit, and they were able to get on a few more service runs than we would have liked.

“I think we were all a little off of our game because we had all just come back from the class trips and this was one of the better teams we’ve played.

In addition, we had to make a few adjustments because we were short a few key players (senior Kaufman and junior Savannah Rosenzweig.)

“Even though we lost, the game was pretty close the whole night.”

Inside info from junior Emma Boersma: “ I think that we just weren’t mentally there.

“Also, for me at least, there was a pretty decent crowd and a group of boys who were really loud and distracting.

“The sets were pretty close. A few times it seemed like we had a chance at winning a set, but each time we fell short.

“Valley Christian was playing well that day and we just weren’t on.”

Inside info from junior Alyssa Valverde: “We played strong throughout each set, but we just missed the win in the end.

“I had a lot of fun playing, and our overall vibe was a lot more upbeat than it has been before.

“Overall, even though we lost, I had a lot of fun playing with my teammates.”

Next Game: Friday Oct. 12, against Faith Christian at 6 p.m. at Faith Christian.

By Miles Morrow

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