Sophomore Naomi Cohen goes up for a serve in a previous JV volleyball game at home on Sept. 28. (Photo by Jacqueline Chao)

JV Volleyball ‘plays well despite trips,’ beats Encina Prep for fifth win

Date: Oct. 9

Opponent: Encina Prep High School

Location: Encina Prep

Final Score: 2-1

First Set: 25-22

Second Set: 14-25

Third Set: 15-6

Record: 5-1

Inside info from freshman Vanessa Escobar: “I think the team played really well overall.

“(We) had a lot of confidence during the game. When the other team scored, we didn’t let it get to us. We kept on working our hardest, and eventually, we ended up winning.

“We definitely need to work on our communication skills. The first two sets, we were being quiet and not moving as much as we normally do. But on the third set, we definitely improved on that by yelling and calling the ball more often.”

Coach’s Comment (per coach Sarah Song): “Our team played very well, especially considering we had over a week off due to high school trips and a couple people on the team are a bit under the weather.

“The team stayed positive and motivated the entire match. I was most impressed with how they picked up their energy, communication and movement in the third set.

“(We) could really improve on keeping our energy up from start to finish and communicating. Occasionally, we still come close to accidents when people aren’t calling their ball and are running full speed toward it. We also have a couple players who call the ball way too soon then hesitate to go for the ball, resulting in a dropped ball. I always coach confidence in your voice when calling the ball, going for it once you call it, and staying in your zone of play.”

Next Game: Against Valley Christian on Thursday, Oct. 11,  at 5:00 p.m. away

By Ethan Monasa

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