Junior Anna Frankel goes up for a hit while two lions attempt to block the ball. (Photo by Emma Boersama)

JV team falls short on communication, losing second league game

Date: Oct. 11

Opponent: Valley Christian Academy

Location: Valley Christian

Final Score: 0-2

First Set: 24-26

Second Set: 23-25

Record: 5-2

Inside info from freshman Vanessa Escobar: “I feel like we could’ve done a lot better. We weren’t talking as much as I hoped we would have.

“We had low energy during the game, but in the end we tried really hard, and it was a really close game. And that’s what counts”

Inside info from junior Anna Frankel: “I think that we weren’t playing our best.

“We were having a really hard time getting our energy up, especially when we were behind.

“Although at the end we had some really good serves.”

Inside info from freshman Lilah Shorey: “I think we could have played better – maybe talked more, had more fun and been less hard on ourselves when we messed up

“I think we worked hard as a team and should be proud even though we lost.”

Coach’s comment (per coach Sarah Song):

“I was feeling pretty good but was shocked at all the second set mis-serves. We have been a great serving team all season, and we had five missed serves in the second set.

“We had a team talk about serving with confidence and following their routines each and every serve. Owning the baseline is a new goal for us.

“It always feels great to end the matches with our team. They have great discussions after the match – we give space for anyone to speak up with questions or comments – and the players show a lot of respect to each other during these discussions.

“We have been awarding one player with the match stats for serving, which shows made serves, ace serves, and missed serves.

“What I love about this team is that each time I announce the player who gets to take home the serve stats, they cheer very loudly.”

Next game: Tuesday, Oct. 16, against John Adams Academy at 5 p.m. at home.

By Arikta Trivedi

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