The varsity volleyball team congratulates each other for winning a point at the beginning of the third set. (Photo by Emma Boersma)

Varsity volleyball rebounds with victory despite week-long hiatus during class trips

Date: Oct. 9

Opponent: El Dorado Adventist Academy

Location: El Dorado Adventist

Final score: 3-0

First set: 25-16

Second set: 25-19

Third set: 25-12

Record: 7-2

Inside info from senior Lia Kaufman: “We went into the game thinking it was going to be really easy because we had played them before, but I think that we were a little too confident.

“We are definitely a better team than them, but we had trouble connecting as a team the whole game. Most of the points that (El Dorado Adventist) got were because of our errors.

“The third game was the best game for us because we connected the most plays. In that game, I saved a ball by kicking it, which got everyone into higher spirits.

“We held them to four points until we got to 20. Then, they got on a service run up to 11 (points).

“Overall, it was an OK match, but we definitely could have played better.”

Inside info from junior Naomi Turnbull: “We didn’t play very well. The score was close most of the time because we played down to their level, but we picked up the energy in the last set.”

Inside info from senior Heidi Johnson: “We won in three games, but you could tell we hadn’t played in a week because we definitely weren’t our full energy. We didn’t really get into the swing of things until the last game.

“It was a good warm-up game though, and hopefully we’ll be more ready to go on Thursday.

Inside info from junior Alyssa Valverde: “We played well overall even though (El Dorado Adventist) got a lot of points off of our errors.

“I felt like this game was more fun overall. We did a good job clearing negative thoughts and pushing on to the next play. I had a lot more fun this game than (other) games where we dominated and just went through the motions. We were playing as a team. The bench was cheering on the players on the court, and everyone contributed to the win tonight.”

Next game: Thursday, Oct. 11, against Valley Christian Academy at 6 p.m. at Valley Christian.

—By Jackson Crawford

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