Graphic by Emma Boersma

Varsity volleyball takes fifth league game in three sets

Date: Sept. 20

Opponent: Sacramento Adventist Academy Capitals

Location: Sacramento Adventist Academy

Final score: 3-0

First set: 25-15

Second set: 25-18

Third set: 26-24

Record: 6-1

Inside info per senior Lia Kaufman: “It was a pretty easy win. The first two games were much better than our last game. During our first two, we had a lot more energy than we did in the last.

I think that after we won the first two, we slowed down our play thinking that the third was going to be an easy win; however, we only won the last game by two points.

We were playing much slower and with a lot less urgency, but we were able to pull it off.”

Inside info per senior Heidi Johnson: “We won the game in three sets, but it wasn’t the easiest game we’ve played.

The other team kept the ball in play a lot, and a lot of their points came from our mistakes.

Mistakes such as missed serves, some dropped balls from miscommunication, and some mistakes from not dialing it back and playing it safe when we should.

Overall, though, we played pretty well. (Sophomore Erin Wilson) set the whole game since (senior Bella Mathisen) was gone, which she hasn’t done before, and (senior Lia Kaufman) probably had her best hitting game ever.”

Next Game: The team is playing in a tournament at Jackson Sports Academy on Saturday, Sept. 22.

By Miles Morrow

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