Senior Grace Naify looks back to her teammates as senior Jack Christian, one of the Black Team’s leaders, go over the rules and strategies for the game. (Photo by Jacqueline Chao)

Seniors unable to break losing streak at Ancil Hoffman Capture-the-Flag game (slideshow included)

Sept. 21 marked Country Day’s annual Capture-the-Flag game at Ancil Hoffman Park, as well as the seniors’ last chance to break their three-year losing streak. However, things did not go their way – even before the game began.

The game went off to a slow start due to a misunderstanding with one of the bus drivers. After dropping the Black Team (freshmen and seniors) off at the park, only one bus returned to school for the Red Team (sophomores and juniors) instead of the usual two. As a result, the remaining bus had to make two trips to bring all Red Team members to the park, and the game began at noon instead of at the planned 11 a.m. start time.

However, this incident did not influence the teams’ spirits: While the Red Team played games, the Black Team practiced its chant and ate snacks provided by the Parents’ Association.

“(The delay) actually made me more excited to play,” sophomore Naomi Cohen said. “When I jumped out of the bus, I felt like the wait was finally over, and I was pumped.”

That energy seemed to flow through the rest of the sophomores and juniors, as the Red Team won, 287-140. Nevertheless, several members of the Black Team were uneasy about the Red Team’s victory – especially senior Grace Naify.

“I was frustrated because of the cheating and the poor sportsmanship,” she said. “(Some members of the Red Team) were painting over (the Black Team’s) signs that took us hours to make, and instead of celebrating their victory, they were mocking our loss. I just thought that was really petty. I wish we could just stay away from each other’s stuff and be friendly.”

Junior Jewel Turner, however, said the accusations of cheating were uncalled for.

“Overall, it was a good game,” she said. “I think both team cheated a little, and we were just happy for our victory. Games are more fun when you win.”

Because of the hour-long delay at the beginning of the game, traditional talks about upcoming school trips were postponed until the next school week.

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