Graphic by Emma Boersma

Coed soccer wins first league game of season, senior scores his first goal

Date: Sept. 20

Opponent: Faith Christian Lions

Location: Faith Christian School

Score: 7-1

Inside info per sophomore Hayden Boersma: “We scored four goals quickly during the first half of the game, and our team was generally better than our opponent.

“Halfway through the game, I (saw a slow ball) toward the goal. (Junior Aaron Graves) would have caught it, but I went in and hit a header – which failed – and the ball flew into our goal.”

Inside info per sophomore Lili Brush: “We were passing a lot more, and most of the passes were really good and went right to our teammates. We were talking a lot more than usual and calling the ball or saying “yours.”

 During the game, a (Lion) and I both went for the ball, and we both fell. I landed on my back, and it didn’t hurt when I got up, so I kept playing.

After about five minutes it started really hurting, and I couldn’t breathe really well. Luckily it was halftime, so I could have a break, and I laid down. After 30 minutes (my back) felt a lot better. I didn’t play the rest of the game, and later that night I felt one hundred percent better.”

Inside info per senior Leo Eisner de Eisenhof: “I was playing center forward, which is the opposite of what I usually play, because of how far ahead we were. I got the ball passed to me from my right and took a shot on the first touch. The ball went in the bottom right corner of the goal.

It felt satisfying to (score) because I rarely get to shoot, but it didn’t feel as great as I had hoped because it was an easy team – we were already up by five (goals).”

Next game: Tuesday, Sept. 25, against Cristo Rey at 5:30 p.m. at Cristo Rey Sacramento High School.

By Ming Zhu

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