Graphic by Emma Boersma

JV volleyball takes down Wolves in first win of season

Date: Sept. 5

Opponent: Western Sierra Collegiate Academy

Location: Western Sierra Collegiate Academy

Final Score: 2-1

Record: 1-1

Inside info from junior Yumi Moon: In our first game of the season, no one on the team really talked or communicated at all. So a lot of the time, when the ball came to us, we just stood there because no one called for the ball.

However, today, we communicated much better with each other, which I think was the key to winning. After that first game (Aug. 27 against Mira Loma High School), we practiced talking with each other during practice.

I think we should keep practicing on our communication because talking with other players really helps in getting organized.

Coach’s comment (per coach Sarah Song): I believe tonight’s success was due to our leaders on the court who helped everyone get around our rotation correctly and our few players who communicated consistently and confidently.

Our team can work on every skill to improve our play, especially getting everyone involved in talking on the court.

Player of the game (per Song): I do not have one person to name as player of the game, but I was very impressed with all of our returning players for leading the way and all of our freshmen who played with confidence.

Next game: Against the Valley Christian Lions on Friday, Sept. 7, at 4:30 p.m. at home.

—By Jack Christian

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