Graphic by Emma Boersma

Varsity volleyball falls short of second league victory against Western Sierra

Date: Sept. 5

Opponent: Western Sierra Collegiate Academy

Location: Western Sierra Collegiate Academy

Final score:0-3

First set: 13-25

Second set: 24-26

Third set: 15-25

Record: 1-1

Inside info from senior Lia Kaufman: We started the second set by dominating, and by the middle of the set we had a number of points on them.

They had a good server that we just couldn’t get past, and that is how they caught up to us. I think that because we were winning by so much, we got too comfortable, and we started to relax and let our guard down, which is why they caught up so easily.

We ended with a really good rally, but, ultimately, they won. I think that after the second set, we were kind of down, and in the third set, I felt that a lot of us lost our intensity, which affected our play as a whole.

Coach’s comment (per coach Sarah Song): Western Sierra has a good program and is a solid opponent for us. I think we weren’t able to prevail because we couldn’t get on a solid rhythm in offense and defense, except for a few service runs.

We weren’t able to sustain our momentum to keep a lead when we had it. Overall, I think the team could work on serve receive passing – in particular footwork – and also overall communication.

Next game: Friday, Sept. 7, against Valley Christian, at 5:30 p.m. at home.

—By Mehdi Lacombe

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