Graphic by Emma Boersma

Varsity volleyball team breaks through the Waves in first home game of season

In their first home game of the season, the varsity volleyball team destroyed the Sacramento Waldorf Waves 3-0 on Aug. 21.

Despite missing the first two points of the game, the Cavs took the lead early, bringing the score to 5-2 before the Waves got their next point.

From there, the score remained close, but the Cavs were able to keep the lead for the remainder of the set and finally ended it at 25-22.

The Cavs got ahead quickly at the beginning of the second set, bringing the score to 6-0 before the Waves scored their first point. The Cavs remained ahead and soon won the set 25-11.

The third set went similarly. Senior Bella Mathisen started out with a strong service run, getting 10 points before the Waves obtained their first. Like the other sets, the Cavs were able to stay ahead and end it swiftly at 25-8.

According to junior Jewel Turner, this win was an impressive result for the team’s first home game.

“There are always a few things to improve,” Turner said.

“But for the beginning of a season with lots of new players and a new team dynamic, I think we worked pretty well together.”

Half of this year’s team is new to varsity, with five returning players and five newcomers. Having lost five players from last season’s team, the size of the teamitself has not changed.

According to junior Emma Boersma, the team has been practicing for about three weeks.

Turner said that they were able to get a good feel for how they worked together last week during their game against Victory Christian High School, which they won 3-0.

“As we have more practices and games, the team will start to mesh better,” Turner said.

“Each time we step onto the court, our skills and abilities improve.”

The Cavs prepare for a serve by the Waves.

As for their opponents, Turner said that the rhythm of this week’s opposition allowed the Cavs to play to their full potential.  

“Last week’s team wasn’t as skilled as I would have hoped for,” Turner said.

“It is easier to keep the ball in play when you have a rhythm to play against. Victory Christian’s rhythm wasn’t very easy to follow. Today’s team was better.”

Turner also attributed the team’s success to strong serves.

“We are a pretty strong serving team, and we have been for the past few years,” Turner said.

Senior Bella Mathisen agreed on the importance of strong serves in the team’s victory, saying that the long service runs were vital to their success.

She also said that the team’s relaxed dynamic has been a nice addition to their playing.

“(The dynamic) is more chill than it has been in the past, so that has been fun,” Mathisen said.  

“It’s just totally different. Some of the seniors last year were (really) intense. I think this year we are (already) starting to mesh better.”

However, Mathisen said that the team has a lot to improve on as the season continues.

“We are still working out the kinks in communication,” Mathisen said.

“Sometimes, (two people) would run into each other, and (neither) would get the ball. But we are on our way there, and I think it is getting better.”

Junior Naomi Turnbull agreed that talking more and being louder on the court are key aspects that the team needs to improve.

She also said that improved passing is another important step in making their playing stronger.

“We need to get to the ball more instead of just reaching out for it,” Turnbull said.

And coach Jason Kreps had similar comments on the girls’ playing.

“(Their) serve-receive passing feels a little slow (and could use some) work, but that is normal for the beginning of the season,” Kreps said.

He also agreed that their serves have greatly improved, having missed far fewer than they did in their previous game.

The Cavs’s next game is Monday, Aug. 27, against Mira Loma High School at Mira Loma at 6 p.m.  

—By Anna Frankel

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