(Photo used by permission of Larkin Barnard-Bahn)
Junior Jack Christian waits on deck as fellow junior Nate Jakobs gets ready to swing.

Date: May 9


Opponent: Faith Christian School


Final score: 11-21 (Cavs’ loss)


Inside info (per junior Alex Rogawski): We were missing (junior Nate Jakobs), a key player who had experience pitching. (Junior Jack Christian) pitched over a league limit (in the previous game); if he throws 110 pitches, he can’t pitch for the next four days.

With Jack unable to pitch, there was only so far our defense could go. Walks and stolen bases gave the other team the win.


Inside info (per Jakobs): (Freshmen) Max Wu and Hayden (Boersma) came in and pitched despite never pitching before and gave a great effort.

We have a lot of guys who had little-to-no baseball experience coming into this season, but they came out to practice every day and worked hard.

Max Wu, among others, was a huge contributor and played really well all year.

(Freshman) Avinash (Krishna), similar to Max, had never played before, but became a solid hitter and a good first baseman.

Alex (Rogawski) had a handful of at-bats in his high school career and ended the season by blasting a few doubles over the outfielders.

Every single player was key to making this team work.


Inside info (per Wu): During the first few innings we were up by six (runs). Then there was the one inning where the other team scored a lot of runs. We just needed to get to the ball faster.

I’m proud that even though most of our team was made of freshmen that never played baseball, we were still able to win a game.

I learned that communication is key to winning games.

—By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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