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The Cavs were defeated by the Buckingham Charter High School Knights, 3-13, on April 25. After the game coaches Chris Millsback and Gary Jakobs went over the team’s mistakes and how to improve their catching and throwing.

At  print press time the baseball team had a 0-10 record in league and a 0-11 record overall. On May 7, the Cavs beat Faith Christian School, 11-10.  On May 9, Faith Christian beat the Cavs in the last game of the regular season, 22-11. 


Closest game: In an extra inning, the Cavs fell to Leroy Greene Academy, 6-7, on March 20. Although junior Nate Jakobs said the umpires made unfair calls and two players didn’t play, both juniors Jack Christian and Jakobs pitched well, according to coach Chris Millsback.  


Player’s perspective (per junior Alex Rogawski): “Five seniors graduated (last year) – Emil (Erickson), Zane (Jakobs), Aidan (Cunningham), Quin (LaComb) and Adam (Dean) – and (junior) Blake (Lincoln) isn’t playing anymore. Half of our starters haven’t even played baseball before!

“(The freshmen) have all developed the ability to field and hit from nothing, (but) we aren’t as consistent as the other teams.

“Morale isn’t affected too much (by our losses). It’s never fun to lose, but at least everyone is trying their best.” 


Player’s perspective (per Jakobs): “It’s frustrating, but as players we need to accept that this year is a ‘rebuilding’ year, and we are all coming together as a team and learning. We should be a lot better next year.

“I’m proud of all the freshmen coming out to play a sport that they (had) never played and is really tough to learn. Unlike some other sports, you can’t fake it; you’re in the spotlight when it’s your turn. 

“Also, I’m happy with how my season is turning out personally. 

“I worked hard all off-season (on hitting) more flyballs and fewer ground balls, and it’s panning out in games.”


Top player: Jakobs is hitting .571, with two home runs and nine stolen bases, amounting to a 1.476 slugging percentage and a .710 on-base percentage. 

Originally published in the May 8 edition of the Octagon.

By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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