Freshman Max Wu bats in the boys' game against Leroy Greene Academy on April 30.

Cavs show improvement despite loss

Jack Christian
Freshman Max Wu bats in the boys’ game against Leroy Greene Academy on April 30.

Date: April 30


Opponent: Leroy Greene Academy


Final score: 1-4 (Cavs’ loss)


Inside info (per junior Nate Jakobs):  “It was our best game all year, but in the fourth inning we made a few errors to allow some runs. If not for the defensive errors, this may have been our game to win.

“This was the best game I have ever pitched. I gave up only a few hits over seven innings, struck out seven (players) and walked one, which was an intentional walk.

“With a good pitching performance, though, always comes impeccable catching, and (catcher junior) Jack (Christian) turned in an amazing performance behind the dish for us as well. We were in sync all game, and he was framing pitches really well and blocked every single pitch in the dirt, keeping it right in front of him.

“Also, (sophomore) Aaron (Graves) played a great shortstop, and (freshman) Michael (Tovar) played well at second, a position Michael is new to. (Freshmen) Avinash (Krishnan) and Om (Sharma) played well on the right side, at first base and right field, respectively. It was a great team effort.

“I hit my second home run of the year, which felt good.

“For the last two games we just need to do what we did today and we’ll beat Faith.”


Next game: The Cavs will face Faith Christian School in a doubleheader on Faith’s field on Monday, May 7, at 4 p.m.

By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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