Junior Nate Jakobs continues his run after hitting a triple.

Boys fall to base-stealing opponents (video included)

(Photo by Alex Rogawski)
Junior Nate Jakobs continues his run after hitting a triple.

Date: April 20


Opponent: Buckingham Charter Magnet High School


Final Score: 6-21 (Cavs’ loss)


Inside info (per freshman Avinash Krishnan): Our greatest difficulty, as it has been with many games, is the opposing team stealing bases. We need to work on throwing (the) ball to second or third base much better. If we could eliminate all stolen bases – or most of them – from our games, (the scores) would probably be a lot closer.

I stole a base from second to third, which is difficult. I was about to steal from third base to home, but it was too risky.

The opposing team played very well. They played one pitcher for a majority of the game who was very consistent.


Inside info (per junior Alex Rogowski): (We lost because) people (were) not going after balls. We play better in practice than in games.

We made some good plays, but there (were) some easy plays we also should have made.

The opposing team wasn’t great. If everyone is on top of (their) game and (junior) Jack (Christian) is there, we can beat them.


Next game: The Cavs will play Buckingham again on Buckingham’s field on Tuesday, April 24, at 4 p.m.



By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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