Junior Leo Eisner de Eisenhof hits a serve near the end of the first set.

Junior cuts close in second set, but ends victorious against Bradshaw Christian

Photo by Eisner
Junior Leo Eisner de Eisenhof hits a serve near the end of the first set.

Opponent: Bradshaw Christian High School


Location: Bradshaw Christian


Date: April 18


Final scores: Junior Leo Eisner de Eisenhof won (6-1, 7-5); freshman Ashwin Rohatgi lost (0-6, 0-6); freshman Stephanie Ye lost (0-6, 2-6); juniors Allison Zhang and Jacqueline Chao lost (2-10)


Inside info per Eisner de Eisenhof: “I think I’ve never played better than today. Everything just felt right and I felt good. I hit consistently great serves – which my opponent complimented me on – and I also hit strong ground strokes.

“I want to improve my endurance. This guy made me run. I played way worse in the second set because I became very tired. Also, we got close to having to play a third set. If that had happened, I might not have won because of the fatigue.

“Even though I made Coach Nelson a little nervous (when) I was losing 3-5 in the second set, I was able to win four consecutive games and keep my winning streak alive!”


Inside info per Ye: “I had several good shots today, (but) I need to improve my serve.”


Fun fact: Eisner de Eisenhof knew it was his opponent’s birthday, so he tried to keep that from altering his performance.


Next match: Friday, April 20, against Golden Sierra High School at 3:30 p.m. at Rio del Oro.

—By Sarina Rye

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