Sophomore Savannah Rosenzweig warms up with a coach.

Despite more consistent swings, softball team still loses against Buckingham Charter

Maddie Galati
Sophomore Savannah Rosenzweig warms up with a coach.

Date: April 17


Opponent: Buckingham Charter Magnet High School


Location: Hemlock Elementary


Final score: 0-15 (Cavs’ loss)


Inside info per assistant coach Maddie Galati:  I was really happy with how well each player was swinging the bat. We hardly ever struck out without swinging. We also are a good hitting team, so I would like to see the girls starting to make contact. They are doing excellent in practice, but facing down a good pitcher can be intimidating.

The things we could improve on were physical errors, but that will come with more practice. We strive to control our mental errors to a minimum (which the girls did), and we work hard in practice to continue improving our physical errors.

I absolutely love coaching. I’ve loved coming back to the team I started and coaching with my dad. It has come full circle, but I love coaching the girls the most. They all have such a great attitude, and every time they get a hit, make an out, get excited about the game or ask questions, I just love coaching that much more.


Inside info per freshman Lilianne Brush: We played against a really good team that was much more experienced than us, but I think we are pretty good. We should improve on  being enthusiastic throughout the whole game even if we are losing by a lot.


Fun fact: Freshman Joanne Tsai just started playing softball this season and got her first hit in this game.

Next game: Thursday, April 19, at 3 p.m against Leroy Greene at Leroy Greene.


Date: April 12


Opponent: Western Sierra


Location: Howe Park


Final score:  6-22 (Cavs’ loss)


Inside info per coach Scott Galati: We made quite a few outs in the infield. (Freshman) Erin (Wilson) did a great job at shortstop, which she had never played before. (Sophomore) Téa (Huynh Van) also had a huge improvement at first base.

We need to be more aggressive when batting, but that will come. My goal for the season is to create an atmosphere where each athlete can exceed their personal goals (and) to have a winning record against the teams in our division that are new like us.


Inside info per sophomore Alyssa Valverde: I love playing catcher and watching a strike being pitched to me and the feeling when the ball fits perfectly into my glove.

In one inning we got the first two outs right away, and that was the shortest inning that I’ve ever caught.  

We are doing really well with fielding the ball and getting outs, but we need to work on knowing the rules of the game. We don’t have many experienced girls on the team, so we need to play more games and get more experience.


In addition per freshman Joanne Tsai: I love softball because it’s challenging and I love the feeling of batting. There are also different positions to try for the different bases or you could even try to pitch or be the catcher. (I love) how everyone cheers each other on.


Fun fact: Freshman Naomi Cohen pitched this game and had only  one walk, which is a Country Day record.

Next game: Tuesday, April 17, at 4 p.m against Buckingham at Hemlock Elementary.

—By Kristine Schmitz

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