Baseball teams loses to ‘unsportsmanlike’ Western Sierra (video included)


Junior Nate Jakobs swings a pitch from Western Sierra.

Date: April 17


Opponent: Western Sierra Collegiate Academy


Final scores: 3-13 (Cavs’ loss)


Inside info (per junior Nate Jakobs): “We threw the ball around too much. Sometimes it’s better not to risk a throwing error and hold the ball.

“I hit a double and a triple and was just a few feet short of a home run in my third at-bat. Jack pitched well all game.

“(Western Sierra) played a very unsportsmanlike game, which was frustrating. (They were) stealing bases in a 10-run game and cheering excessively for that, which is pretty ridiculous. They were also trying to make us make errors with their base running, as if they needed that one more run despite their lead.

“In general, when you have a lead of seven-plus runs, you stop stealing bases and quiet down in the dugout, but they did the opposite.”

Inside info (per junior Jack Christian): “We began the game with some solid hitting, but after the first couple of innings, our focus deteriorated, and we began to make a lot of the same errors.

“I’m proud of pitching the whole game! My arm definitely started to hurt by the end, but I knew I had to push through for the team.”


Next game: Friday, April 20, at 3 p.m. at McAuliffe Memorial Park against Buckingham Charter Magnet High School.

—By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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