Softball team falls to Valley Christian in first season game

Date: April 5


Opponent: Valley Christian


Location:  Howe Park


Final score: 3-17 (Cavs’ loss)


Inside info per assistant coach Maddie Galati: “I am really happy with how the team approached their first game. They kept an excellent attitude while learning the rhythm of the game. They were stepping up to help each other and asking questions about particular situations. I am looking forward to them getting the bat on the ball and having some fun. This team is a really good team, and they have excellent potential.”


Inside info per sophomore Savannah Rosenzweig: “Valley Christian is one of the best teams in our league. The game was obviously rough since we had to teach girls how to pitch, but we are already off to a better start than where we ended last season.


Inside info per freshman Erin Wilson: “The game went much better than I originally expected. I got to play center field, which was really fun, and the highlight for me was when I caught two flyballs in one inning.”


Fun fact: Wilson caught one of the flyballs with her bare hand.


Next game: Tuesday, April 10, at 3:30 p.m. against Sacramento Adventist at Howe Park.

—By Kristine Schmitz

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