Junior Nate Jakobs takes a swing.

Double loss in doubleheader for boys

(Photo by Avinash Krishna)
Junior Nate Jakobs takes a swing.

Date: April 3


Opponent: Alpha Charter School


Final scores: 0-18 and 3-23 in doubleheader (both Cavs’ losses)


Inside info (per junior Jack Christian): “The major (factor) that contributed to our defeat was (our) numerous errors on the field throughout both games. If we can just figure out how to catch and throw the baseball, we’ll be set.

“The opposing team was very skilled on the field. They always made their plays and had great throws; their pitching was also great. They weren’t as strong hitters, but they were able to capitalize on all (our) errors.”


Inside info (per sophomore Aaron Graves): “(Our obstacles ranged) from the heat (to) the sun making it hard to see to players not knowing what to do in various situations.

“Although we lost both games, the guys were having a good time playing baseball.”


Next game: The Cavs will face Valley Christian on Friday, April 6, at 3 p.m. at McAuliffe Memorial Park.

By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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