Solo athlete attends track and field invitational

Junior Heidi Johnson certainly stood out during the track and field team’s Lancer Invitational meet on March 17 at Cordova High School.

Not only did she place second of 15 in the varsity women’s triple jump, but she was also the only Country Day athlete to attend the meet.

Johnson finished at 35 feet 6.5 inches for the triple jump, and also placed 18th of 68 in the varsity women’s 100-meter race, finishing in 13.92 seconds.

“I was satisfied with my results in the triple jump,” she said. “The 100 (-meter race) went poorly, but that event is more for practice so I wasn’t too concerned about it.”  

She also said her solo performance wasn’t unusual.

“I’m fairly used to that so it was fine,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she did not know why other team members did not attend the event.

But while competing solo didn’t challenge her, the cold weather did.

“I had to stay warm in between jumps and make sure my muscles didn’t get cold,” she said.

Their next meet is the Marc Macres Invitational on Saturday, March 24, at Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove.

By Héloïse Schep

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