Junior Nate Jakobs readies himself to run at first base.

Boys go into extra innings against Leroy Greene in tight, exciting game

Jack Christian
Junior Nate Jakobs readies himself to run at first base.

Date: March 20


Opponent: Leroy Greene Academy


Final score: 6-7 in extra – eight instead of seven – innings (Cavs’ loss)


Coach’s comment (per coach Chris Millsback): The boys played great and almost pulled out a victory. Both (juniors) Nate Jacobs and Jack Christian pitched great. I would have to say that Max Wu has made the greatest improvement. He played great defense and hit the ball well.  

We had a few key miscues that allowed a few unearned runs to score. We also had two players that decided not to participate in today’s game. That really hurt us.


Inside info (per junior Nate Jakobs):  The umpires were truly awful, stealing a run from us on a terrible call early on and calling a tight strike zone while we pitched and a large one when we were at the plate. As a whole, the umpires struggled with the rules at times.

Also, one of their coaches showed some very questionable sportsmanship. Whenever I came up to hit, he’d go talk to the pitcher, assumedly instructing him to not give me anything to hit. (I assume) he wanted the pitcher to throw bad pitches so I would be walked and not have a chance to hit.


Inside info (per junior Alex Rogawski): Nate and Jack were pitching well, and almost everyone got on base with a walk or hit. All of the freshmen have gotten better. Most of the mistakes were mental – forgetting to throw to a base or ignoring the play.

Honestly, I’m surprised it was as close as it was. This team wasn’t awful and (is) better than some other teams we will see.


Next game: The Cavs will play Alpha Charter on Tuesday, April 3, at SCDS at 1 p.m.

By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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