Junior Jack Christian (4) protects the ball from a Leroy Greene player on 1 February.

Cavs fall to ‘aggressive,’ ‘trash-talking’ Cristo Rey opponents

Harrison Moon
Junior Jack Christian (4) protects the ball from a Leroy Greene player in the Feb. 1 game.

Opponent: Cristo Rey High School

Location: Cristo Rey

Date: Jan. 30

Final score: 2-0, Cavs’ loss

Fun fact: The field at Cristo Rey is extremely wide, which the Cavs were not used to.

Inside info per junior Nate Jakobs: “(The Cristo Rey team) has really good footwork, but in terms of speed or size, they’re a pretty small team. They always provide a good challenge.

“We played the ball in the middle, whereas (Cristo Rey) uses the sides and corners a lot, which they definitely took advantage of.

“We could really work on spacing (ourselves) out, but for the most part we played a really good game. Cristo Rey ended up getting two breaks, which won the game for them.”

Inside info per sophomore Emma Boersma:

“(Cristo Rey) was very aggressive. They fouled us quite a few times, but the referees didn’t call the fouls. Once, (a Cristo Rey player) threw (junior) Theo Kaufman, but the referee called a foul against us.

“They were also verbally aggressive: they trash-talked us and talked back to the referees, which earned them a lot of yellow cards.

“We struggled with communication. We (didn’t) communicate who was guarding who, which left a lot of people open.

‘We did have a lot of good runs, though.”

—By Héloïse Schep

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