Girls first in league but fall to Waldorf in last game before playoffs

Date: Oct. 26


Opponent: Sacramento Waldorf High School


Location: Sacramento Waldorf


Final score: 1-3 Cavs’ loss (17-25, 16-25, 25-22, 18-25)


Fun fact: This was the Cavs’ last regular season game before playoffs. The Cavs finished first in their league with a record of 11-1 (18-5 overall)


Inside info per sophomore Bri Davies: We started the first two games really slowly, and went down by about five points to start both. The third set we came out strong and were able to hold on for the win, but we were unable to do that in the fourth game. Our serve receive should have been stronger and needs to be in playoffs.


Inside info per senior Annya Dahmani: We really need to improve blocking and work on getting a touch on the ball so it’ll be easier for the passers to pass. We will face a lot of hard hitters in playoffs, so blocking will help a lot. (And) we need to work on getting out of serve receive runs when the other team has a good server.


Next game: The first playoff game will be Thursday, Nov. 2, versus the Ripon Christian Knights, at 7 p.m. at home.

—By Bryce Longoria

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