Varsity girls secure win despite fatigue

Date: Sept. 26


Opponent: Faith Christian High School


Location: Faith Christian High School


Final score: 3-0 (Cavs’ victory)


First set: 25-13


Second set: 23-15


Third set: 25-22


Inside info from sophomore Lia Kaufman: A lot of us were tired and not playing our best. We really didn’t improve this game, but (we had) some pretty good serves.

The team needs to work on playing with high intensity, even if the team we are playing is a low-level team.


Inside info from senior Lea Gorny: This game was a really big learning opportunity for us because we were a lot better than the other team.

Our biggest challenge this game was staying focused. Some of us didn’t want to play because we were better than the other team. The drive to the game was pretty long, and we were all tired.  


Coach’s quote per Jason Kreps: (The team’s greatest challenge was) staying positive and motivated to play well, even though the opponent wasn’t that strong.

They were able to run a couple of new plays, though, including (senior) Yasmin (Gupta) running a “slide.” (An attack where the hitter fakes an approach with her first step and then chases the ball behind the setter and, parallel to the net, jumps off one foot and hits the ball.)

(The girls) should be most proud (of) winning three games, despite being tired and (having to) travel for an hour.

The girls all played well. (Sophomore) Heidi (Johnson), in particular, controlled her hits and (had) some great digs.

(Sophomore) Bella (Mathisen) had eight kills, and (Gupta) had 11!


Next game: Thursday, Sept. 28, against Sacramento Adventist at 5 p.m. at Sacramento Adventist.

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