Varsity volleyball triumphs over Eagles after three close sets

Date: Sept. 13

Opponent: El Dorado Adventist School Eagles 

Location: El Dorado Adventist School

Final score: 3-0

First set: 25-18

Second set:  25-18

Third set: 25-23

Katia Dahmani
Junior Tori Van Vleck (left) and sophomore Jewel Turner (center) celebrate a successful set with a high five as junior Heidi Johnson (right) prepares for the next set.

Inside info from senior Lea Gorny: We won because we got some lucky serving streaks and the other team had some trouble passing our serves. They also made some errors that ultimately helped us win.

I would have tried to clean up our passing and serving errors, and would definitely have wanted the energy to be higher.

We played kind of slow, and there (were) definitely a lot of errors that we can improve on.

Inside info from junior Bella Mathisen: We won mainly (because of) serves.

We played pretty horribly (and) were just lucky (that our opponents weren’t)  as much competition as other teams.

We need to improve our passes and hits.

Next game: Against the Woodland Christian High School Cardinals on Monday, Sept. 18, at 6 p.m. at home.

—By Anna Frankel

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