Simple mistakes cause softball to lose against Buckingham Charter, Valley Christian

Date: March 5

Opponent: Valley Christian

Final score: 8-20 (Cavs’ loss)

Important fact: This was the first back-to-back game for the team this season.

Inside info from sophomore Sophie Naylor: We made good contact when we hit, but we were slow defensively. The ball kept getting past the infield.

Inside info from Valverde: We didn’t keep our heads down, even when we started losing, and continued to fight to the end. Our infield and outfield had more communication than before, and that really showed our improvement from the beginning of the season.

Next game: Rematch against the Leroy Greene Academy Lions on Monday, May 8, at 3:30 p.m. at Howe Park.


Date: March 4

Opponent: Buckingham Charter Knights

Final Score: 1-11 (Cavs’ loss)

Fun fact: The Knights have the second best run differential in the league with 158 runs and 45 runs against.

Inside info from senior Kaeleigh Valverde: We were all really exhausted, and it was a long day. We just made simple mistakes and (the Knights) were able to capitalize on them. Nonetheless, we still tried our hardest.

Inside info from senior Alexa Mathisen: If we work on our communication in the infield, we should be able to get outs quicker. We also need to be in the mindset to swing at any (pitches) that look hittable.

By Bryce Longoria

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