Softball’s improvements not enough to avoid takedown by Western Sierra

Date: April 25

Opponent: Western Sierra Collegiate Academy

Final Score: 0-16 (Cavs’ loss)

Important fact: Sophomore Sophie Naylor pitched the whole game for the first time.

Inside info from senior Avi Bhullar: Their pitcher was really good, so our strategy was to swing at anything that looked hittable because she threw very fast. We made contact a lot, but their infield was able to get us out.

Their catcher was also really good, so Coach (Scott Galati) didn’t want us to try and steal. Our throws weren’t that good, so they got extra bases off our errors.

Inside info from senior Alexa Mathisen: We have improved in a lot of areas – and Sophie did a great job pitching – but it wasn’t enough. I think if we stay focused and work on practicing on our fielding, we should be good.

Check back for the rundown of the girls’ loss, 0-31, to Western Sierra on April 27.

By Bryce Longoria

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