Brother banter with Jake and Bryce Longoria over Sac Kings trading Demarcus Cousins

(Graphic by Katia Dahmani)

Juniors Jake and Bryce Longoria love to play, watch and talk basketball, especially about the Sacramento Kings. 

Jake: Bryce, how’ve the Kings been doing since we traded Demarcus?

Bryce: We finally won a game after losing eight straight. So not bad.

J: That’s terrible!

B: Yeah, it’s called sarcasm.

J: I mean, I thought we’d be doing badly since we traded away the best player on our team. Do you think we should’ve traded him?

B: Yeah. He wouldn’t have made us anything more than a low-tier playoff team, if that.

J: But making the playoffs would’ve been cool. We just spent $532.6 million on the new arena.

B: But would it have been cool to get swept in the first round?

J: At least we would’ve sold tickets!

B: In the future, we would’ve been stuck there, though. No free agents wanted to come to Sacramento to play with Demarcus, and we wouldn’t have a chance at a high draft pick.

J:  But we didn’t get much in return. All we got  was Buddy, Tyreke, Langston and the Pelicans’ picks.

B: Yeah, Vlade said he had a better offer two days before he made the actual trade.

J: Then why’d we take the trade from the Pelicans?

(Photo used by permission of Wikimedia Commons)
DeMarcus Cousins

B: It’s clear “basketball expert” (and owner) Vivek (Ranadive) really wanted Buddy.

J: But we traded away our starting center!

B: To make room for the other four on our bench! Willie Cauley-Stein has been playing pretty well. In the first game without Demarcus, he scored 29 points.

J: I definitely think Skal (Labisserie) could be the Kings’ future. He has great scoring games – like when he scored 15 points in 15 minutes against the Spurs.

B: But he’s not a very good on-ball defender, and he gets bullied by stronger big men.

J: His jump shot is nice, and he has a good post fade. He’s like a more athletic version of Dirk. And Dirk just hit 30,000 points!

B: I think Cauley-Stein is the obvious choice because he played backup to Demarcus. He’s better right now because he does almost the same thing as Skal on offense, but he’s better defensively.

J: But Skal is the @OneBigHaitian we need. And he’s only 20. He has so much time to grow, and his athleticism will take him far.

What about the picks? A second-round pick in two years doesn’t benefit us at all right now.

B: But the first-round pick is shaping up nicely.

J: I think we’re putting too much blind hope into this draft.

B:  It’s one of the deeper drafts. We could get guys like Malik Monk or Lauri Markkanen with the sixth or seventh pick. Each could be an All Star.

J: That’s if we get the sixth or seventh pick. But hopefully you’re some kind of prophet!

By Jake and Bryce Longoria

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