Softball suffers loss against Valley Christian; coach celebrates team’s sportsmanship, dedication

Date: March 16

Opponent: Valley Christian

Final score: 2-12 (Cavs’ loss)

Important fact: Junior Lea Gorny pitched without having any prior experience or practice.

Inside info from senior Alexa Mathisen: We played much better (than our previous games). We just need to keep working on getting runners out who are stealing.

Coach’s comment per coach Scott Galati: I am seeing consistent improvement.

In yesterday’s game Lea Gorny stepped up and pitched so that Naomi could play shortstop. She has never pitched before, including having never practiced it. That is the kind of teamwork and dedication that is the hallmark of SCDS sports, and I rarely encounter it when I coach others with a lot of experience. Lea also got two hits off of arguably one of the best pitchers in our league.

(Freshman) Alyssa Valverde (played) catcher for the first time.  The umpire told me that her progress in three games is remarkable. And he should know since he officiated at our first game against Leroy Greene and against Valley Christian.

The Cavs will face off against the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy Wolves on Thursday, March 23, at Howe Park at 3:30 p.m.

By Bryce Longoria

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