Junior Nico Burns easily vanquishes Bradshaw Christian opponent

(Photo by Nico Burns)
Sophomore Chardonnay Needler serves.

Date: March 14

Opponent: Bradshaw Christian School

Scores: Sophomore Michaela Chen lost (1-6, 0-6), sophomore Chardonnay Needler lost (3-6, 1-6), junior Nico Burns won (6-0, 6-0).

Coach Jamie Nelson’s comment: “Michaela did well, and her serves have improved.”

Inside info from Burns: “I think I served well. I hit a lot of deep balls, which were hard for my opponent to return. I don’t think I have improved that much, but that’s probably because I was already practicing before the season started and I have only played two matches.

(Photo by Nico Burns)
Sophomore Michaela Chen prepares to return a hit.

Inside info from Chen: “My serves improved a lot during practice and were my main advantage this game. The other player was more experienced. I also hit a lot of tennis balls into the net or too far, so I want to improve that during practice.”

Next game: March 16 against Golden Sierra High School.

By Anna Frankel

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