Pummeled by Leroy Greene in first match, softball team forfeits before fourth inning

Date: March 8

Opponent: Leroy Greene Academy

Final score: 2-19 (Cavs’ loss)

Important fact: The game was called before the start of the fourth inning, when the Cavs failed to cut the Lions’ 17-run lead to 15.

Inside info from senior Alexa Mathisen: Our main problem was (that) we did not get outs. (The Lions) weren’t that much better than us, but we don’t have any experience as a team. If we work on knowing where to throw (the ball) to get people out, we’ll do much better.

Coach’s comment per coach Scott Galati: We need to get more practice and work on the fundamentals. We have focused on individual skills mainly, so we need to work on team drills going forward.

The Cavs will face off against the New Life Christian Crusaders on Monday, March 13, at Howe Park at 3:30 p.m.

By Bryce Longoria

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