Girls’ varsity basketball falls to greatest rivals due to weak defense

Anna Frankel
Junior Annya Dahmani makes a free throw.

The Cavs were defeated by their biggest rivals, the Valley Christian Academy Lions,  69-88, on Feb. 13 in their second-to-last game of the season.

The score stayed close until the end of the first quarter, when the team fell behind. From there, the Cavs never regained the lead.

“(They need to work on) not having their minds set on just doing one thing,” coach Latonia Pitts said.

“If we’re down, they need to make sure that we are playing defense, not playing to catch up,”

Lead scorer junior Yasmin Gupta agreed that their defense struggled.

“Because we were tired, we weren’t getting back on defense fast enough,” Gupta said.

But freshman Briana Davies praised the offense.

“We were definitely hustling a lot more, and some of our players were shooting really well,” Davies said.

Anna Frankel
Junior Yasmin Gupta passes to sophomore Heidi Johnson at the beginning of the game.

Gupta also said that the team did a great job passing the ball as well as guarding the Lions’ best player.  

Pitts agreed.

“Their passing was a lot better; granted, we did have some terrible turnovers,” Pitts said.

“Many of them getting under the boards to rebound was also a lot better. Usually, they try to sit outside (while) one or two (players) go in for a rebound, but many times (in this game) multiple of the players were in there.”

The team’s overall record is 12-5; the league record is 8-3.

Their final game before playoffs will be Wednesday, Feb. 15, against Buckingham Charter Magnet High School at home.

By Anna Frankel

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