Girls’ varsity basketball crushes Cristo Rey by more than 50 points

With only five players for most of the the game, the SCDS varsity basketball girls were still able to completely dominate Cristo Rey, 62-18, on Jan. 31.

Sophomore Heidi Johnson finished the game with 32 points, taking her place as leading scorer.

Junior Yasmin Gupta followed with 22 points.

Gupta had a triple double, meaning she got double digits in all three categories:  22 points, 19 rebounds  and 11 steals.  

“(Having so few players) allowed everyone to play a lot, ” Gupta said.

“We didn’t have some of the more experienced players, so we had to really rely on each other and work together.” said sophomore Emily Hayes.

Most of the girls went into this game expecting a win, especially after their previous 30-point win against Cristo Rey on Jan. 24.

Then Hayes fell early in the game, leaving the Cavs with only five players.

“We won because we have more experience and height over Cristo Rey.” said Gupta.

The girls will next play away against Faith Christian on Tuesday, Feb. 7, at 6 p.m.


Results of Jan. 30 match against Sacramento Adventist Academy:

Final score: 39-25 (Cavs’ victory)

Inside info from sophomore Emily Hayes: “I thought we were going to win because we had already beat this team before, but I knew we would have to work for it. A lot of our shots went in, and we were able to have a lot more steals and fewer turnovers (than the other team).”

Inside info from senior Alexa Mathisen: “The entire team played very well. We were all passing the the ball around, and no one was trying to keep the ball for too long. The team really tried to include everyone, which led to our victory.”

By Mehdi Lacombe

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