Senior disqualified, but rest of ski and snowboard team content with performance at Northstar

(Photo by Christy Procida)
Senior Emil Erickson, sophomore Luca Procida and senior Daniel Hernreid stand on top of one of the mountains at Northstar California.

Even with one of their racers disqualified, the ski and snowboard team pulled through at Northstar California on Jan. 27.

Sophomore Luca Procida and senior team captain Daniel Hernried finished fifth and seventh respectively of 34 skiers; senior Aidan Cunningham placed 13th of 21 snowboarders.

Junior Nina Dym said she was unable to compete because she was working on the yearbook.

Junior Emil Erickson said he was skiing too fast and fell, causing a ski to fall off. Consequently, he was disqualified; if a ski comes off before the last three gates, the racer is automatically disqualified.

“I just went too fast and lost control,” Erickson said.

Erickson said that although he didn’t ski well in that race, he skied well in the previous run.

Procida said that he held back in the beginning, but other than that he thought he skied well.

(Photo by Christy Procida)
Senior snowboarder Aidan Cunningham kneels on a run with the Northstar California lodge in the distance.

“I could have been a little more aggressive at the top of the course, but I’m happy with (how I did in) the middle and the bottom of the course,” Procida said.

Hernried said he was happy with his performance and congratulated the team.

“It wasn’t the best race, but we got down and raced our race!” Hernried said.

Hernried said the snow conditions were better than at their last competition, which took place just after a harsh storm.

“The snow was smooth and easy to catch an edge, making (skiing) all the more fun!” Hernried said.

By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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