Ski and snowboard team places high in first meet at Boreal in choice conditions

(Photo by Nina Dym)
Senior Daniel Hernreid goes around an obstacle in his race.

With optimal snow conditions at Boreal on Jan. 16, sophomore Luca Procida placed second and senior team captain Daniel Hernried placed seventh of 32 skiers, and senior Aidan Cunningham finished 14th of 20 snowboarders.

Junior Nina Dym was unable to compete because her helmet was not FIS (International Ski Federation) certified, according to Procida’s mother, Christy Procida. A “no sticker – no start” policy means that Dym will be unable to compete until she buys a FIS helmet.

Everyone on the team said that they enjoyed the fresh, plentiful snow.

“This was the best snow I’ve ever had on a race course,” Hernried said. “It wasn’t icy (to the point) where I was sliding everywhere, nor was it impossible to catch an edge in slush as in previous years.

(Photo by Christy Procida)
Coach Jason Kreps, senior Daniel Hernried, junior Nina Dym, sophomore Luca Procida and senior Aidan Cunningham take a group picture at Boreal.

“However, it was unusually cold to the point where I couldn’t feel my toes and hands before I went down. I’d rather feel that than not have a speed suit.”

Hernried said that for never being trained on how to race, and without practicing on his Giant Slalom (GS) skis this season, he was happy with his results.

Procida attributed his performance to being able to read the course as well as the abundance of snow.

Coach Jason Kreps praised Procida’s race.

“He was fast, smooth and confident at the top of the course. It is fun to see him do his thing on the snow!” Kreps said.

Cunningham said that his race was average.  

“There was one turn on the course where I almost slid out, but I regained my composure and finished my race,” Cunningham said.

(Photo by Nina Dym)
Senior Aidan Cunningham snowboards down a slope in his race.

Kreps said that he and Cunningham discussed being more aggressive and staying low during the race to improve his times. Kreps said that Cunningham’s goal for this season is to place in the top half of the field.

For his last year with the team, Hernried said that he wants to enjoy the sport and not put pressure on himself to reach a certain goal.

By Larkin Barnard-Bahn

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