Girls’ varsity basketball loses rhythm to Buckingham in season’s lowest-scoring game

In their lowest-scoring game of the season, girls’ varsity basketball fell to Buckingham Charter Magnet High School, 27-34, on Jan. 20.

According to junior Annya Dahmani, the Cavs were a better team and should have won.

However, a lack of practice due to finals ruined the team’s chance to take down Buckingham.

“We didn’t gel well together, and we kept taking the first shot instead of running plays,” Dahmani said.

Sophomore Heidi Johnson said that they never found their rhythm.

“We weren’t boxing out enough or getting the rebounds; we made some sloppy passes, and we rushed our offense,” she said.

Coach Latonia Pitts said that the girls couldn’t make a shot, missing many layups and free throws.

It was also a very physical game, with lots of shoving and tripping.

Junior Yasmin Gupta, who sustained a concussion in the Jan. 13 game against Faith Christian but returned to play, fell and dislocated her shoulder. Johnson was tripped and tweaked her ankle, which was still recovering from being strained. While Gupta fouled out later on, Johnson continued playing.

The other team had good defense, but so did the Cavs.

The Cavs’ problem lay in turnovers.

“We had great defense, (but) then we would just lose the ball on offense,” senior Alexa Mathisen said.

Mathisen didn’t score any points, and Dahmani, normally one of the high scorers, scored a season-low four points.

But instead of being demoralized by the loss, Mathisen saw it as a wakeup call.

“We need to all go to practice and work hard – always,” she said.

“Wins aren’t going to be handed to us.”

Pitts considered it a lesson, as the girls can’t just step on the court and play without practice.

“It was a tough one to lose, but with Valley coming up, I hope we are ready mentally, physically and emotionally,” she said.

“Valley will come to play, and I hope we step on that floor ready to run.”

The team will face its biggest competitor, Valley Christian, on Tuesday, Jan. 24, at Valley Christian Academy at 6 p.m.

By Mohini Rye

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