Girls’ varsity basketball ‘gave all they have’ to win in grueling match against Encina

Jacqueline Chao
Junior Yasmin Gupta and sophomore Heidi Johnson jump to block an Encina player while junior Esme Bruce-Romo stands at the ready.

Five against five. No subs.

That exhausting fact is what made the varsity girls’ 56-46 win in the grueling game against Encina High School on Dec. 16 so impressive.

With a on the night of the last school day of the year, not much could be done about the lack of players.

While the lure of the upcoming break drew some away, illnesses or other plans took out the rest, leaving only the bare minimum.

Since neither team had more players than what was allowed on the court, everyone had to play full time.

And coach Latonia Pitts called it an “ugly game.”

“We were exhausted, but we got a second wind for offense and turned up the defense when they were tired,” she said.

“Not one of our best (games), but they gave each other all they had.”

According to sophomore Emily Hayes, the key difference that led the Cavs to victory was their stamina.

“As a team we were more in shape,” junior Esme Bruce-Romo said. “It felt like the other team was (losing energy faster) than our team.”

“Coach used our timeouts well, so we didn’t get too tired,” Hayes said.

Jacqueline Chao
Junior Katia Dahmani and sophomore Emily Hayes guard Encina players.

Junior Yasmin Gupta said that everyone on the team stepped up.

Sophomore Jacqueline Chao, one of the spectators, said the team was still actively blocking every shot and going for baskets, even in the last quarter.

According to Gupta, the other team was also out of shape and not prepared for such a challenging game.

“One girl (Encina’s leading scorer) actually threw up,” junior Katia Dahmani said.

“We frustrated the other team and just kept pushing,” Bruce-Romo said.

Hayes said Encina’s aggressiveness actually helped the Cavs secure their win.

“(It) allowed us to also get physical and press on them, getting us some steals and easy shots,” she said.

By the end of the game, three SCDS players had four fouls. Dahmani took one of Bruce-Romo’s fouls; if she hadn’t, the team would have been down to four.

“It has been a long week for the girls, and ending on a victory helps the energy of the games to come,” Pitts said.

The next game is Tuesday, Jan. 3, against Sacramento Adventist Academy at home at 6 p.m.

By Mohini Rye

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