Boys’ basketball vanquished by Golden Sierra due to Cavs’ lack of defense

Kevin Huang
Coach David Ancrum (third from left) gives freshmen Ted Zhou, Clayton Townsend, Christopher Wilson and Aaron Graves and senior Jesus Galindo advice during a timeout.

Date: Dec. 13

Opponent: Golden Sierra High School (2-5)

Final score: 44-51

First half: 24-28

Inside info from junior Reggie Fan: “We mainly need to improve on defense. We have to limit other teams to one shot, then get the rebounds. After that, we’ll be set.”

Inside info from junior Jake Longoria: “We have the skill to win, but we still need to work on our gameplay and strategies.

Kevin Huang
Junior Reggie Fan shoots.

“If we can improve our game play, then we can win because our offense is great. This game was all defenses, so it was especially tough for us because we don’t excel in low-scoring defensive games.”

Next game: Thursday, Dec. 15, away at Victory Christian High School against Mira Loma High School (3-5) at 8:30 p.m.

(Individual point totals were unavailable due to inadequate scorekeeping)

By Jack Christian

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