Girls’ soccer team gives their all to win against Encina Prep

(Photo used by permission of Avi Bhullar)
The girls’ soccer team takes a group picture after their Dec. 9 victory against Encina Prep.

In their first away game of the season, the girls’ soccer team looked to keep up their momentum from their last win against Cornerstone Christian.. They did just that, obliterating the Encina Prep Bulldogs, 9-0, on Dec. 9.

But the playing situation for the Cavs was far from ideal. Junior Nina Dym was not allowed to play since she was unable to remove her earrings and sophomore Michaela Chen was injured.

In addition, the poor condition of the field affected the girls’ play and slowed the pace of the game.

“There were giant mud puddles which were difficult to navigate around,” sophomore Lia Kaufman said.

“Passing the ball through those wasn’t an option, so we had to somehow get around those.”

Kaufman finished the game with two goals.

The girls attributed their win to their superior communication, aggressive play and exquisite teamwork.

“As a team we all played 100 percent,” senior Avi Bhullar said. ”The conditions were not ideal, but we came together and communicated. We trusted each other to put all our effort in and worked with each other to help everyone play better.”

Bhullar scored one goal in the first half.

The Cavs controlled the ball on the Bulldogs’ side of the field for most of the game, allowing them several shots on goal. This aggression was key to the Cavs’ high-scoring game.

Sophomore Abby LaComb notched a hat trick, and senior Natalie Brown scored two goals. The last goal was scored by freshman Emma Boersma.

The Bulldogs’ massacre came as a surprise to the Cavs. Encina has a little under 1,000 students compared to Country Day’s 142

“All of us went to the game thinking we were going to get destroyed because Encina is a huge high school,” Dym said, “But the exact opposite happened.”

To improve for their next game against the Forest Lake Christian Falcons, Kaufman said the girls must work on passing and shooting.

The Cavs will face the Falcons on Monday, Dec.12, at 3 p.m at Forest Lake Christian High School.

By Bryce Longoria

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